About Us

Darlings Group

Darlings group is a F&B company that founded in 2015 with a commitment to introduce great experience by setting a new standard for food. Been in the field for more than 5 years, we are proud of our products that will wins everybody’s heart instantly. Our mouthwatering flavors are chosen carefully to give you the utmost pleasure you deserve. Darlings group will deliver all of it in a different notes. We have a dedication and highly focus to give a culinary experience with its extensive arrays of artisanal products and distinctive services. Darlings group calling out people out of their bed every day to enjoy all the establishment.

Dough Darlings

Dough Darlings Our Doughnuts are Handcraft made everyday using the most honest ingredients sourced from across the globe. we believe there’s no equal substitute to whole milk, European style butter, cane sugar and real fruits. We are Proud of our full-bodied, soft yet chewy dough that wins everybody’s palate instantly. Our mouthwatering flavors are chosen and carefully to give you the utmost pleasure you deserve. Each doughnut is created with love and passion, no room for bad experience.

Kitchen by Dough Darlings

The spirit of having more than donuts product has inspired us to grow bigger and create another F&B brand. Located in South Jakarta, Kitchen by Dough Darlings serves all day eatery comfort cuisine that represent quality and premium taste also infused with local culture. Kitchen by Dough Darlings boasts an infinite list of highly curated Food & Beverages that arrives in generous servings and all around services.